Our Story


There is a sign at the end of our driveway that says "Casa De Los Sawatsky's bienuenido a la felicidad y cambio" We met in a very unique time in history as we look back at. We were in a time of isolation and worry for many people. Despite this we met. We were instantly drawn to be together and felt we had a purpose. We are both very creative and passionate people. For us I think we would say our time together has been as the sign says a "journey to happiness and change."


To create unique, one of a kind designs for clients. Designs to enjoy and share with family and friends


Our logo is stamped with triangles as a representation of the memory of Calvin's son, Carson, who had a huge impact on the family business and the honor we have for him as we move forward.

We bring your imagination to life!

Fifteen years ago Calvin created a dog house. His imagination and passion was something he shared with his sons, Austin & Carson. As the years went on their creativity extended beyond doghouses to things like tree sheds, bunkhouses and fishing shacks. These aren't ordinary structures, but whimsical in nature attracting attention and acclaim.

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